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How can I make an application?

If you are are looking to exhibit a vehicle, or wish to attend with your reenactment or living history group, you will need to use our online application system. You will be prompted to make an user account on our website. After verifying your email address, you will be able to make an application. Your personal infomation is collected when you make the user account. This is then automatically filled out when you come to make an exhibitor application. All you need to do is add the application specific information. After you have submitted your application, you will recieve an automatic confirmation email. If you need to change your application you will be able to edit your application using the exhibitors centre.

If you are a trader, you will need to fill in our paper forms and send us payment.

Links to each specific application form can be found on the Exhibitors Page.

Can I make an application by Post?

If you are a vehicle exhibitor, or reenactment group, or a non-trading exhibitor, you can NOT make an application via post. You must use the online forms.

We no-longer accept paper forms for these sections for a number of reasons.

Physical forms have to be posted to us. This costs you money to send. (If you can scan and email, you can use the online forms).

Post occasionally gets lost, and people have been known to send things to the wrong address.

Physical forms need to be processed by someone, they need to be able to read your handwriting, and all the information you send to us will ultimately end up in a spreadsheet on a computer. This all takes time, and this is time which could be spent actually organising the show. Please understand the show runs entirely off a small group of volunteers. The less time we can spend on mundane administrative tasks, the more time we can spend trying to plan a great show! 

You have no way of knowing whether or not your application has been recieved, and whether or not it’s been accepted. We would have to send you a confirmation by post, which then costs us. This would ultimately mean less budget for things like evening entertainment. Unless you wanted an email confirmation – in which case, you can use the online forms…

The online application system is faster, easier to process, and cheaper for all involved. 

If you are a trader, you must fill out the paper forms.

“What? You said you don’t like paper forms.”

As we do not have an online payment processing system, traders must send us a cheque. We must recieve the cheque to confirm your place. Traders are entering into a contract with us which is better to have on paper. There are also significantly less trader applications.

What application should I make?

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How many applications can I make?

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What do I do when I arrive at the show?

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What are the rules and regulations?

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What facilities are onsite?

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What are the costs?

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When can I arrive?

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When can I leave?

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