Applications Process

If you are interested in attending the Overlord Show as an exhibitor, you need to make an application before the application deadline.

All exhibitors except traders and charities must complete an Online Application.

Vehicles | Reenactors/Living History | Other Exhibitors

  • 1. Determine the correct category

    Please carefully determine which form you need to use. Application forms are different for each category and can not be transferred.

  • 2. Login or Make an Overlord Show Account

    You will need to register a user account on this website, and then fill out the online form.

    This allows you to update or change your application, and it gives you a head start next year!

  • 3. Fill in the Application Form

    Provide the requested information about your exhibit.

    Your personal information is automatically included.

  • 4. Wait for your Application to be Approved

    Each application is checked by a member of the team and you will receive a decision.

Traders and Charities

  • 1. Print and Fill the Application Form

    Please print and complete the application form.

  • 2. Post Us your Application with Return Envelope.

    Post us your completed forms with self-addressed return envelope.

  • 3. Pay Required Pitch Fee

    Ensure you have paid the required pitch fee before the applications deadline.

    You can pay be cheque with your application form, or by bank transfer.

  • 4. Receive your Trader Passes

    We will send you your trader passes 2 weeks before the show date.

Application Forms

Vehicle Exhibits

If your vehicle is the main part of your exhibit.

Re-enactment and Living History Groups

For reenactors and living history groups including walking exhibits. Applications should be made by the group coordinator or nominated contact only.

Traders and Charity Stalls

If you are a trader or charity.

Other Exhibitors

For exhibits which do not fit into the above categories.