A non-trading exhibitor application should be made by a representative of a non-trading organisation wishing to exhibit at the show.

What we want to see!

Groups with interesting exhibits in keeping with the show.

Groups which maintain a high standard of respect and professionalism.

Groups with static, interactive, and educational exhibits.

Groups/Organisations with public liability insurance.

What we don’t want to see!

Exhibits wholly unrelated to the show concept.

Exhibits which intend to sell products or to raise money for charity (please see the Traders section for this).

Politically motivated organisations.

NOTE: Charity Stalls are classified as traders and should use the trader forms. Not this form.

Exhibiting is Free!

There is no fee to exhibit.

What you get!

Groups will be allocated a pitch as close to the specifications they request as possible. Exhibitors will be expected to fill the space allocated to them. They will also be entitled to “plastic camping” in a separate field for support members.

There is evening entertainment Friday, Saturday and Sunday and stalls to purchase hot food on site.

Application Information

Application Form

Exhibitors Standing Orders