A reenactment or living history group application should be made by a representative of an official living history or reenactment group or organisation.

What we want to see!

Groups representing units involved in any conflict from 1900 to present-day. (We may be able to accommodate other conflicts, but subject to confirmation – please contact us first.)

Groups which maintain a high standard of historical accuracy, respect and professionalism.

Groups with dioramas/developed static exhibits.

Walking Exhibits.

Groups/Organisation with public liability insurance.

What we don’t want to see!

Groups representing units linked to atrocities or war crimes.

Exhibiting is Free!

Exhibitors will not receive any form of reimbursement. The Show does not pay specifically for reenactors or living history groups to attend. The organisers may, at its own discretion, donate to groups which contribute significantly to the show.

What you get!

Groups with dioramas will be allocated a pitch as close to the specifications they request as possible. Exhibitors will be expected to fill the space allocated to them. They will also be entitled to “plastic camping” in a separate field for support members.

At the request of groups, the show team is prepared to create reasonably sized trenches as required.

Groups with walking exhibits will be entitled to “plastic camping”.

There is evening entertainment on show days and stalls to purchase hot food on site. Water, toilets and showering facilities are provided.

Application Information

Application Form

Exhibitors Standing Orders

Battle Code of Conduct