A vehicle application should be made for any exhibiting vehicle which is not part of a reenactment group/organisation.

What we want to see!

We want to see all types of vehicle, big and small, but these vehicles should be quintessential military vehicles or civilian vehicles which have seen military service or have otherwise been used in a conflict.

What we don’t want to see!

Military vehicles which have been civilianised – i.e. civilian paint schemes.

Civilian variants of common military vehicles or vehicles with no military service.

Civilian Commercial or Civilian Public Service vehicles (Ambulances/Fire-engines/Police). (We may accept very limited numbers if they have exhibited at the show in previous years).

We will make exceptions for unique vehicles and classic vehicles which may be of interest to visitors to the show, so get in touch if you think you are an exception. 

Exhibiting is Free! Please stay for a long as you can!

There is no fee to exhibit a vehicle. In lieu of a fee, exhibitors are expected to interact with the public and be open to answering reasonable questions about their vehicle. Similarly, they should allow reasonably close viewing of their vehicle (this does not mean they have to let people enter the vehicle, but the public should be able to walk up to the vehicle for a closer look and to take photographs, unobstructed.)

What you get!

Exhibitors are provided with a pitch to exhibit their vehicle and to camp for the duration of the show. Each vehicle exhibit will be entitled to at least a single pitch 5m wide and approximately 9m deep. Additional vehicles will gain addition pitches, except where this vehicle is exceptionally small i.e. a motorcycle.

There is evening entertainment on show days and stalls to purchase hot food on site. Water, toilets and showering facilities are provided.

Application Information

Vehicles Application Form

Exhibitors Standing Orders