We are pleased to announce that the forms for the Overlord Show 2023 have been updated and are now open for Vehicles, Reenactors and Living History, and trade stalls and charities. Non-trading exhibits (not charities) will be available in the coming days.

Applications forms can be accessed via the Exhibitors page. Just click the buttons to access the information page for each type of exhibit, read the information on the page and follow the link at the bottom to the respective application form. Please note that as with previous years all applications, with the exception of Traders and Charities, are carried out using our online forms only. You will need to make an account on our website and give us some basic information to access the forms. Don’t worry, the information you fill out when you sign up will automatically be entered into the specific application forms so you won’t have to tell us twice!

Everyone who already has an account on our website should have received an email inviting you to make an application for 2023.

You’ll need to login to your account using your email and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset it from the login page by choosing “Forgot my password”.

When you have completed your application, we will send a confirmation receipt. Please note that the initial confirmation email only confirms your application has been made, it does not mean your application has been successful. Each application will be reviewed by the Show team and approved or rejected. You’ll get a notification of this decision. For confirmed applications you’ll also get some additional information and a welcome letter.

If you need to edit your application, you can do this from the exhibitors centre. Applications will need to be reapproved after edits.

If your application is not visible in the exhibitors centre, please send us a message using the Contact form and we can double check our records. Similarly, if you have any other show related questions, please do not hesitate to check the FAQ or by emailing using the contact form.

We hope to see you at the show!

The Overlord Show 2021 Traders and Charities application form have now been updated, and can be found on the Traders and Charities page.

Please be sure to read the application form in detail as some sections, and contact and return mailing addresses have changed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dave T. via the contact form on this website, or the email address at the bottom of the application form.

Other exhibitor application forms will become available in due course. We appreciate your patience.

For any potential exhibitors who were planning on attending the show this year. No! We haven’t forgotten about you!

The application forms are not quite ready yet but we are hoping to make these available as soon as possible. Applications will be online (except traders) like before, however, you will now be able to check and modify these applications via the website.  All exhibitors from last year should expect emails notifying them when we have made them available. There have been a number of revisions, aiming to reduce the amount of information asked. There have also been a number of proposals for ways of improving the show layout and improving the use of space on the show field, so these are being planned by the respective subteams for vehicles, reenactors, and traders.

Be sure to note us down on your calendar and we thank you for your patience.